Technology and Entertainment


We offer clients the legal support they need, particularly with regard to drafting and negotiating contracts, commercializing research results, as well as representation before the courts in disputes involving the violation of intellectual property rights.

Our services cover many different sectors including technology, health, biotechnology, cinema, television, software, e-commerce, and music.


  • Preparing and filing applications to register copyrights, trademarks, and domain names in Canada and other jurisdictions
  • Drafting and negotiating confidentiality, non-competition, and sponsorship agreements
  • Advice on corporate and project financing, including start-up companies
  • Negotiations on behalf of or with financial institutions, venture capital funds, and financial backers for start-up capital
  • Applying for tax credits and grants
  • Advice regarding the Charter of the French Language
  • Audits, management, and strategic planning of intellectual property

Technology, health, and biotechnology

  • R&D contracts, material transfers, technology transfers, licenses, distribution and agency agreements, alliances, franchising, clinical and basic research, financing, R&D credits, and assignment of intellectual property rights

Cinema and television

  • Production and co-production agreements, bank financing of tax credits and pre-sales, performance bonds, distribution, licenses, agencies, hiring of artists, purchase of screenplays, revenue insurance, merchandising, escrow agreements, access letters, laboratory services, and assignment of intellectual property rights

Software and e-commerce

  • Software development agreements, acquisitions of systems or software, assignment of copyright, licenses, strategic alliances, hosting of websites, domain name transfers, and computer services, including electronic signatures


  • Recording and tour production agreements, recordings, licenses, assignment of copyright, artist management, and merchandising