Welcome to your student centre

The student centre has been created to allow you to get to know us better and to learn about the various initiatives we have prepared for you.

Who are we? A team that offers 360o legal solutions and whose values are excellence, audacity, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

We want you to develop your legal mind, your independent leadership, and your understanding of the legal business.

Because we believe in supporting future legal talent, here are our main commitments:

  1. To provide you with personalized guidance
  2. To allow you to reach your full potential

Our 2021 initiatives

Virtual coffee breaks Virtual fitness classes  Webinars with our experts 

This year, to help you get through the whirlwind of important career steps, we are organizing:

  • Virtual coffee breaks to answer your questions
  • Webinars with our experts

The purpose of these activities is to get to know you and to prepare you to become one of tomorrow's leaders.

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