Corporate and Business Integrity


Corporations in Quebec and in Canada are subject to many provincial and federal laws governing business integrity, not to mention international law in some cases. Failure to act may entail serious consequences for both commercial activities and the liability of directors and officers.

We can help you implement measures that may prevent such mishaps from happening while accompanying you in implementing detection mechanisms. Our lawyers will also guide you in the resolution of crises arising from such mishaps and the investigation process of competent authorities.

All corporations must implement adequate mechanisms to ensure their business integrity and compliance with applicable legislation in this respect.

This holds is especially true where the media report on an almost daily basis on cases of corruption, fraud, collusion and ethical violations.

This context has led to a loss of confidence in elites and corporations. Everything becomes a basis for complaining about potential violations, which may tarnish the reputation of corporations and their representatives.

We invite you to consult our reference guide Corporate Integrity: Are you well equipped?


Risk management and directors' liability

  • Review and assess your current practices in the area of corporate governance and ethics
  • Review your organization's compliance with applicable laws, rules, and guidelines (review your compliance programs and monitoring policies and procedures; identify risk areas)
  • Design and implement changes in light of the governance review, including prevention (risk management, anti corruption policy, code of ethics)
  • Advise regarding the duty of diligence of directors and their potential liability in case of failure to act
  • Train directors, officers, employees, suppliers, and partners with respect to compliance, ethics, and corruption (government relations in light of ethical and lobbying rules; the role, duties, obligations, and responsibilities of directors; anti-corruption measures)
  • Prepare necessary opinions and reports
  • Due diligence on issues of compliance, ethics, and corruption in merger and acquisition transactions

Managing reporting and whistleblower procedures

  • Design steps to encourage the reporting of corruption
  • Develop an internal disciplinary process
  • Support internal and external investigations, including regulatory investigations
  • Advise on labour law issues related to reporting and investigations
  • Prepare testimony and statements
  • Appear before decision making bodies

Managing crises resulting from problematic or contentious cases

  • Develop a crisis management plan and a communication strategy
  • Develop a contingency plan in the case of searches and seizures
  • Strategic advice and support during public inquiries such as commissions of inquiry, coroner's inquests, and regulatory investigations
  • Media and spokesperson training
  • Media follow up
  • Coordinate the steps taken by public relations firms to assess the legal ramifications of proposed actions