Investment Fund Managers


If you are an investment fund manager looking at establishing a new fund, Lavery CAPITAL can provide you with innovative strategies and state-of-the-art expertise to set up various funds. In particular, we can allow you to benefit from the expertise we have developed in structuring and negotiating complex international fund structures and in elaborating new fund models, such as one of the first open-ended private equity funds in the country.

We can also allow you to benefit from our extensive network with Canadian institutional investors, financial institutions and with businesses at all stages of development in all types of industries (notably through our technology group, Lavery Infrastructure, Lavery SME and the Lavery Go Inc. program)  to find the best investment opportunities for your funds and use Lavery’s broad expertise in those areas to allow you to successfully close such investments.


  • Formation of the following types of investment funds:
    • Private equity funds
    • Hedge funds
    • Venture capital funds
    • Real estate investment funds
    • Funds of funds and feeder funds
    • Mutual funds
    • Alternative investment funds
    • Education savings plans
  • Determination of the appropriate legal and tax structures for your investment funds and management companies
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for your fundraising campaigns with local or international investors
  • Structuring, negotiation and completion of your local or international investments and implementation of your exit strategies
  • Negotiation of your bank financing transactions (for your funds and your investments) including the setting-up of subscription credit facilities
  • Registration and compliance of securities dealers, mutual fund dealers, portfolio managers and investment fund managers

Representative work

Structuring of Investment Funds and Capital-Raising

  • Creation of eight private equity funds in Canada, the United States and the Cayman Islands (including seven open-ended funds) managed by Axium Infrastructure
  • Capital raising on behalf of private equity funds managed by Axium Infrastructure with Canadian, U.S., European and Asian investors totalling more than CAD $2 billion
  • Representation of Montrusco Bolton Investments and Third Eye Capital in the context of the creation of a private equity fund investing in private secured loans mainly from Canadian companies and also of U.S. companies and the closings of capital raising initiatives of such investment fund totalling 300 millions of dollars with institutional investors
  • Representation of Montrusco Bolton Investments in the context of the creation of a hedge fund with a master/feeder fund structure under Cayman Islands law
  • Creation and international fund raising of two venture capital funds located in Canada and the Island of Guernsey, managed by White Star Capital and specialized in social media, e-commerce, video games and mobile applications
  • Creation of Club Éolectric, a private equity investment fund in wind power projects
  • Representation of the underwriters in public offerings of units and debentures by the Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust, with total gross proceeds totalling more than $3 billion
  • Reorganization of the Universitas Foundation of Canada structure through the creation and implementation of new trusts for the continued existence of the Foundation's registered education savings plans
  • Representation of IQ FIER, a subsidiary of Investissement Québec, with respect to the governance of the 30 Regional Economic Intervention Funds (FIER-Regions), with an aggregate capitalization of approximately $285 million
  • Representation of a regulatory agency in the Québec financial sector concerning the enactment of new regulations pertaining to the venture capital and investment funds industry
  • Preparation and renewal of the offering documents of GBC Mutual Funds and advice to Pembroke Private Wealth Management, its fund manager, with respect to regulatory compliance matters
  • Representation of a group of private investors in connection with the design of a complex structure of limited liability partnerships and cooperatives of members operating in the metals and recycling field
  • Representation of Montrusco Bolton Investments in the creation of a closed-end mutual fund trust and in the renewal of approximately 10 open-end mutual fund trusts

Deployment of capital:

  • Representation of a major venture capital fund in connection with several investments in small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing and technology sectors
  • Representation of White Star Capital and certain private investors in the acquisition of equity interests in companies based in North America and in Europe and specialized in social media, digital media, video games, nutricosmetics, cosmetics and software
  • Representation in Québec of OMERS Private Equity for the acquisition of all of the common shares of Logibec Groupe Informatique, with proceeds totalling approximately $235.5 million
  • Private financing and acquisition by Club Éolectric of the Vents du Kempt wind farm, a 101.2 MW wind power project in the region of Matapédia;
  • Acquisition by Club Eolectric of an important financial stake in the L'Erable Wind Farm, a property of Enerfin
  • Representation of a public service enterprise and its shareholders in connection with its restructuring and partnership with Novacap involving an equity injection and debt financing by Novacap
  • Representation of the Black Diamond Capital Management private equity fund in its purchase of all of the assets of the White Birch Paper Company, with proceeds totalling $236 million
  • Representation of Distinction Group Inc. in connection with its privatization by some of its senior executives in partnership with Birch Hill Equity Partners