Restructuring and Insolvency


Exercising sound judgment based on long experience, the leading practitioners in our restructuring and insolvency group can advise you and protect your business interests. Whether they involve the protection or recovery of debt owed to lenders or suppliers, the restructuring of the financial situation of companies or groups, or the representation of the separate interests of trustees, receivers, or designated auditors, we have the resources, know-how, and expertise to handle even the most complex insolvency or restructuring situations.

When you are facing financial difficulties or insolvency, experience and decisive action are critical. Lavery's seasoned team is renowned and respected in the fields of insolvency and restructuring among members of the business community, the judiciary, and Québec's major financial institutions and trustees. Since fast action is often the key to success, experience is vital.

Our lawyers’ in-depth knowledge of commercial law, security interests, real estate law, litigation, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act, the Winding-up and Restructuring Act, and the Farm Debt Mediation Act help them quickly devise an effective strategy to deal with any situation.

Their expertise and experience with major cases, some highly publicized, have enabled our lawyers to skillfully protect the interests of their clients while helping to reshape the law and practices in the areas of security interests and insolvency.


  • Strategic advice, negotiation, and representation in cases involving financial difficulties and restructuring
  • Representation of financial institutions in all types of dispute involving commercial paper, bills of exchange, surety and indemnity bonds, the enforcement of security interests, and other financial transactions
  • Advise financial institutions regarding financial services and security interests
  • Represent creditors in insolvency cases while protecting their interests
  • Advise buyers and other interested parties in insolvency cases