SMEs are the engine that drives the Québec and Canadian economies. Moreover, they are central to the organization of our services and our concerns.

By providing flexible and innovative legal services, our team of lawyers and other professionals can provide you not only with high-caliber legal assistance but also with practical guidance adapted to your development and business reality, the whole in the manner that is best tailored to your needs and, above all, your budget.

In addition to making you benefit from their network of local and international partners, our creative professionals can help you find efficient solutions to any challenges you face. At Lavery, your SME is at the heart of our concerns, and our main objective is always the success of your business.


We guide you through every step of the life cycle of your business. From start-up to succession planning through operations, human resources, and expansion both in Québec and internationally, our flexible, innovative team will adapt their services to meeting your specific needs.

We encourage you to visit our services offered section to obtain an overall picture of the lawyers prepared to meet the needs of your SME and the services available to you: